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About Our Company

The Best Is Yet To Be

Hoshea Technologies stands on a robust foundation, fueled by a team of 15 dynamic and skilled individuals, each specializing in diverse fields. Beyond being just a brand, it's our people who craft the distinctions that define us.


We love what we do. Experience is important, passion is critical.


We care more about the details more than just the deliverable.


We are obligated to deliver results, and to deliver is to think-forward.

Our Expertise

Our Forte; We live and breathe

All services & equipments are in-house.

eCommerce Solutions & Consultancy

Do you want to start an eCommerce Business? Consult us for FREE and probably we can start off somewhere. If you don't, you will never be anywhere,

Outsource Fulfillment Services

A one-stop eCommerce ready facility with expertise to take care of all fulfillment processes to the doorstep of your customer.

Website Design & Development

We love it clean, minimalist and yet professionally designed to stand out from your competitors.

eCommerce Managed Services

With all the wealth of knowledge and success projects, it is never easier. Wait - Did I missed out the rates? It's low with no hidden agenda.

Graphics Design & Content Creation

We offer various types of graphics design work with our sophistication and meticulousness in-house graphics designers.

Branding & Marketing Visual & Collaterals

We don't do sloppy. It is never our style. We are not here to waste your time nor money, we are here to deliver.

Are you looking for Custom Merchandises & Premium Gifts? (Coming Soon)

I have founded this company through love and passion, overcoming many obstacles, including today. I must say, it is and never will be easy managing a business. I must give Jemaine, co-founder, a beloved wife, and a loving mother to my children, all the credit for all she did and is doing. She is the pillar of my life through thick and thin; we have fought many battles and overcame many trials, even today. I praise Abba and Jesus for blessing me with two extraordinary women, Jemaine, and a loving sister.

To God Be The Glory

Lewis Lee Founder

I joined my partner in establishing the company following my graduation from school. A decade has passed since, and it has proven to be a remarkable and rewarding journey. Throughout this experience, I have acquired valuable insights and knowledge in the e-commerce industry. Despite the inevitable challenges and fluctuations, I am appreciative of the progress we have made to date. Regardless of the obstacles that may come our way, we remain committed to overcoming them.

Jemaine Lee Co-Founder

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